Age four-plus, swimmers work towards GUST’s key certificates and further their ability and confidence in the water

Children love having a fun target to aim at and, from the age of four-plus, our mainstream lessons see youngsters work towards achieving GUST’s own unique certificates and cloth badges – and a swimfin!


At GUST we believe in teaching children in small groups with a friendly and encouraging approach. That way, rather than youngsters of varying abilities becoming lost in one large class, children, and ourselves, can easily identify their level. We use a number of fun characters to help children understand where they are in their development.


When a youngster is at a required confidence level, arm-discs are removed and they instead focus on learning in a swimfin, a fun innovation which works in harmony with the body, helping to develop a better and more natural swimming position with proven results.

Blowing bubbles0%
Fast kicks0%
Float Work0%
Contrast activities0%

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  • Monday-Friday

    • 4.00pm – 8.00pm

  • Saturday & Sunday

    • Sessions between 8.00am and 5.30pm

Important Information:

Please be advised that shoes and mobile phones are not permitted on poolside.

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